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On the southern tip of Africa lies the town of Oudtshoorn, the ostrich capital of the world – where these majestic flightless birds have roamed the plains of this beautiful Klein Karoo district for centuries.

This arid, sunny environment is also known as the home of Klein Karoo International Ltd, the world’s foremost producer of ostrich related products since 1945.

The Klein Karoo company supplies more than 65% of all ostrich meat, leather, feathers and egg shell products found on international markets. The company is also a leader in the game leather industry of South Africa.At Klein Karoo we are excited and passionate about ostrich products and wish to share this majestic bird’s natural beauty and exquisite qualities with you.

Via our exclusive Klein Karoo Ostrich Boutique we cater for world class markets in fashion and personal wear. Our collection of products bearing the “Blue Ostrich” trademark includes handmade and delicately precision-crafted fashion accessories, interior decorations, gifts and curios at affordable prices.

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